Teenage depression rising

The number of young Americans battling
depression rose by more than a third
in the decade leading up to 2014. In a
review of surveys completed by more than
170,000 teens, researchers from the Johns
Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
Health found that 6 percent of boys suffered
a major depressive episode in 2014,
up from 4 percent in 2005. Among girls,
the figure soared from 13 percent to more
than 17 percent. It’s unclear what’s behind
this worrying trend—and why girls are
more at risk. Researchers note that social
media use and cyberbullying are much
more prevalent among girls, which could
make them more vulnerable to depression.
Complicating matters, the number of
teens being treated for the disorder
remains unchanged. This suggests
many young people are suffering
in silence, increasing their risk for
suicide, reports NBCNews.com. Ramin
Mojtabai, the study’s leader, said it was
“imperative that we find ways to reach
these teenagers and help them manage
their depression.”

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