Sure, he’s got a fantastic jump shot, but in a volatile world filled with Ahmadinejads and Abu Nazir wannabes, does returning president Barack Obama have what it takes to protect the free world from global conflict? On one hand, US relations with Russia have become increasingly chilly ever since they invaded Georgia in 2008. Meanwhile, the pissing contest with Iran has yet to extinguish their nuclear ambitions, and reports claim they have enough nuke juice for a functioning bomb. Add deeply troubling conditions in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and North Korea to the overheated stew and suddenly Kennedy’s big ‘test’ – the Cuban missile crisis – feels like a high school production of Mamma Mia! If WWIII is on its way, is it just a matter of time before there are mushroom clouds in democracy’s backyard? Because, you know, that would totally f—k up those agapanthus we just planted back there.

SURVIVAL KIT: Radiation suit, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: You’re already here. Anyone who’s seen any postapocalyptic movies knows the world ultimately looks like Australia, so best get used to the terrain and bush tucker rations sooner rather
than later. Learn how to convert a battered old Torana into a tank when you get the chance.
PROS: We rarely get directly affected by war.
CONS: Widespread casualties worldwide and mutant radioactive zombies.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? We doubt you’ll need to build a bomb shelter or practice ducking beneath a school desk anytime soon. Even still, you can get an insight on what to do in the instance WWIII eventuates by playing
the new CoD.

According to a Time/CNN poll, 59 per cent of Americans believe the biblical ending depicted in the book of Revelation will come to pass. If they’re right, the Earth shall soon become an especially bad Michael Bay movie filled with demons, plagues of locusts, rivers of blood, and robots (we hope). On the bright side (at least for believers): Before the planet goes to hell in a handbasket, the Rapture will arrive. Christians will be whisked away to the heavens to meet Jesus, thanking their lucky stars they weren’t left behind with the world’s Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and men’s magazine staff to face a bloody Armageddon. “The Rapture is imminent,” says’s general editor, Terry James. “Millions of Christians are going to disappear.” And according to most evangelicals, our only hope is to convert before the Rapture occurs. Guess we’d better get to church and start looking for a nice Buddhist couple to feed the cats.

SURVIVAL KIT: Jesus Is The Reason for The Season sweater, a copy of that footprints-in-the-sand story, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: The Bible Belt. Duh, ignorant heathen scum.
PROS: No collection plate.
CONS: Itchy church pants.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Christian doom and gloom Left Behind series, say Israel holds the key. Matthew 24:34 suggests that once Israel becomes a state, as it did in 1948, a “generation shall not pass” before Armageddon arrives. Since some biblical scholars qualify a biblical generation as being 40 years, many predicted the Rapture/Armageddon would happen by 1988. Now many say we should forget the 1948 date and focus on Israel’s Six Day War in 1967. Which should put the Rapture right about… uh-oh.

You’ll probably recall that New Year’s Eve 1999 was filled with lots of apocalyptic anxiety. That was nothing. The real doomsday jitters will arrive on December 21, 2012, when the 5,125-year cycle that makes up the
Mayans’ calendar system officially comes to a close. Some, including the authors of The Bible Code and The Nostradamus Code, have predicted that an enormous comet or meteor will destroy the Earth during this
fateful year. Or worse, says Lawrence E. Joseph, author of Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation Into Civilization’s End, “The next peak in the sunspot cycle, due in 2012, is widely expected to set records for the number and intensity
of solar storms pummelling the Earth with radiation and igniting natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and Katrina-size hurricanes.” And we thought sitting through Apocalypto was bad.

SURVIVAL KIT: Sunscreen (SPF 90+), non-Mesoamerican calendar, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: Start investing in a moon plot. If the Earth’s gone, even Survivorman and MacGyver are going to have a tough time improvising.
PROS: Some, like Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, believe an upcoming evolution in consciousness will make humans smarter. Possibly even smart enough to pronounce “Quetzalcoatl” properly.
CONS: We’re gonna get screwed on all those 2013 T-shirts that we invested in.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? The precise time the Mayan calendar comes to its conclusion is December 21, 2012, at 11:11pm, Universal Time. Bummer – that’s right in the middle of fap o'clock!

There’s an incredibly scary, medically induced health-care crisis happening right now – and we’re not talking about our crippling addiction to codeine. The meds that people have been counting on for decades to treat everything from pneumonia to tuberculosis to those burning sensations in the pee-pee department are becoming useless. Turns out the overuse of antibiotics has caused many previously treatable bacteria and germs to evolve into badass, drugresistant superbugs. For a nightmarish example, there’s the drug-resistant staph infection known as MRSA, which was responsible for more than 18,000 deaths in 2007 in the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Germophobes who are afraid to touch anything at the doctor’s office may be onto something: More than 100,000 Americans die each year from hospitalacquired infections. So warns the Food
and Drug Administration, “the world could be faced with previously treatable diseases that have once again become untreatable, as in the days before antibiotics were developed”. Crippling plague, anyone?

SURVIVAL KIT: Condoms, antibacterial soap, cootie spray, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: Inside an impenetrable bubble.
PROS: It’s a great excuse for skipping the gym, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and staph infections.
CONS: Without penicillin, you can add untreatable gonorrhea to your list of concerns after sleeping with that skanky cashier from Hot Dollar with the lazy eye.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Why waste time? Go pick up a potentially deadly staph infection at your nearest hospital, gym, or high school locker room today!

The weather is getting weirder by the day. Headlines are filled with evidence of terrifying climate change: record-setting droughts, horrible floods, extinction of species, ruined ski trips. Global warming is as “frightening as a science fiction movie”, said U.N. Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon after citing an international study that stated, if we don’t take drastic measures, we’ve got nothing but good times to look forward to: An estimated 75 million-to-250 million people in Africa could be hit with brutal water shortages, and 25 per cent of the planet’s animal and plant life could die off by 2020. Nice knowing you, African viviparous toad! Of course, some still think climate change is a lot of hot air but it’s getting harder to deny that the planet seems to have a lethal hangover from its extended bender with the human race

SURVIVAL KIT: Yacht with a wet bar, bathing suit, air conditioner, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: Tibet. You can brush up on your Buddhism while avoiding the rising seas in the Himalayas.
PROS: You’ll be able to buy that perfect beachfront home – in central Australia.
CONS: More men wearing thongs and hot pants in July.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Most experts believe climate change is already happening and will get worse in the immediate future unless we make serious changes now. Fine, we’ll only use half a bottle of hair lacquer
on our coif before we go out clubbing.

In the very near future, your insides may be crawling with thousands of selfpropelled robotic organisms – known as nanobiobots – that diagnose disease, clean up your arteries, and even fight cancer. But there’s a catch: Many scientists worry that the endgame will be an army of dangerous, self-replicating nanobiobots that will reproduce at alarming rates and turn the planet into a big ball of so-called “grey goo”. Michael Crichton’s Prey, among other science fiction novels, addressed the grey goo scenario, and many experts agree that it’s a legitimate threat. “[Grey goo] will have the ability to feed on us until we are extinct,” says Alan H. Goldstein, a prize-winning researcher
in nanobiotechnology and unflappable optimist. At least the homicidal robots in The Terminator had funny accents!

SURVIVAL KIT: Teflon body suit, goo repellent, duct tape.
WHERE TO GO FOR SANCTUARY: Canberra. Not even flesh-eating nanobiobots want to go to Canberra.
PROS: The grey goo would engulf Ashton Kutcher.
CONS: The grey goo would engulf you.
WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Scientists believe that nanobiobots will be used to battle cancer and other diseases in the next couple years, so pretty soon after that. Yikes!

Raise Your Fitness Game

HIITtraining?That’s so last year. Bikram? Been there, wore the small pants.We asked the experts for the hottest fitness trends of 2014 and howthey’ll transformyour body forever

The new cross training
WHAT IT IS: Fear not. This high-intensity interval training isn’t half as scary as its predecessor. It is based around a free motion bar, where the more force you apply to it, the more resistance you have pushed back against you from the machine. “This form of training reduces micro tearing of the muscles so you don’t get muscle soreness and will still want to train the next day,” says physiotherapist Stuart Ayles. Steady on now.
CALORIE BURN: 800-1,200 per 45-minute session.
GREAT FOR: Arms and overall fitness levels.

The new Pilates
WHAT IT IS: It might sound like the latest wigheaded indie band, but Essentrics is, in fact, a Pilatesinspired workout based on stretching muscles before strengthening them in the elongated position to create a longer, leaner, more toned shape. “It makes your waist thinner, stomach flatter, legs leaner and bum more toned. Most people see resultswithin a month,” says celebrity fitness
expert LauraWilliams. Now that’smusic to our ears.
CALORIE BURN: 276 per 30-minute session.
GREAT FOR: Posture and sculpting lean muscle.


See Detail --->  CLICK HERE  

The new spinning
WHAT IT IS: The wait is over. SoulCycle, a cycling and body-sculpting class, has a cult following in the US and now it’s coming here. As riders mount stationary bikes, the lights are dimmed, candles are lit and the instructor cues a playlist that’s timed to give you motivation and energy just when you need it. “Giving encouragement directly with motivation means you’ll keep going back,” says
David Stalker, CEO of UK Active. Count us in.
CALORIE BURN: 500 per 45-minute session.
GREAT FOR: Thighs, bum and cardio fitness.

The new Zumba
WHAT IT IS: If you have two left feet then Bokwa might be the dance workout for you – as long as you knowthe alphabet. The South Africanborn cardio-dance craze focuses on drawing letters
and numbers with your feet. Then you add shoulder shakes, jumps and… well, whatever you want really. “You’ll end up drippingwith sweat by the end, but it doesn’t even feel like exercise because you’re having fun,” says trainer Giancarla Pozzo. Shimmy on down.
CALORIE BURN: 530 per one-hour session.
GREAT FOR: Intense cardio and flexibility.

The new dumbbells
WHAT IT IS: These neoprene sand-filled weights are a cross between a sandbag, dumbbell, grip bag, medicine ball and kettlebell. In weights from3kg to 12kg, you can slam, smash, drop and throw them – ideal for circuit training. “You get a diferent workout every time and surprising your body boosts weight loss,” says Lee Matthews, head of fitness at Fitness First. Just don’t try ‘smashing’ a kettlebell now.
CALORIE BURN: 300 per one-hour session.
GREAT FOR: Arms and core.

Hyperwear SandBell

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The new aqua aerobics
WHAT IT IS: If you love spin but your joints don’t, there’s a workout that’s just as efective – and kinder to your body. The bikes at aquAllure rest on the pool floor and use waist-high water for resistance. “The low-impact cardio improves aerobic endurance, increases breathing capacity and improves blood flow and flexibility,” says Stalker. Pedal power indeed.
CALORIE BURN: 200 per 30-minute session.
GREAT FOR: Saddlebags.

The new Balletcise
WHAT IT IS: Barrecore is a hybrid of Pilates and ballet, with cardio, light weights, isometric movement and, of course, moves at the barre. “The isometric movement drives insulin into the cells,” says Williams. “It helps your body utilise sugar in your bloodstream instead of storing it as fat.” But it’s not all about weight loss. “Ballet improves posture so your waist looks smaller.” Legwarmers optional.
CALORIE BURN: 500-600 per one-hour session.
GREAT FOR: Bum, core and overall toning.

 See Detail --->  CLICK HERE  

See Detail --->  CLICK HERE  

The new circuit training
WHAT IT IS: If you want a 360 workout, you need this piece of kit in your life. The all-in-one apparatus is flexible and has options for strength, resistance, stability, coordination, flexibility and speed. “This is best for private or small group training, with the instructor standing in the middle of the group,” says Alan Holl, head of fitness at Virgin Active. That means no hiding at the back of the
class – we know your tricks.
CALORIE BURN: 300 per 30-minute session.
GREAT FOR: All-over toning.

The new inverted yoga
WHAT IT IS: It looks like a baby bouncer, but don’t worry, no-one’s going to burp you. In anti-gravity yoga, you use a hammock to do yoga, Pilates and dance moves. Converts, including Gwynnie,
say the technique allows them to get into advanced inverted poses other exercises can’t reach. “AntiGravity yoga relieves compressed joints and aligns the body, so you can stretch further,” says
fitness expert Brett Hoebel. No spitting out your dummy.
CALORIE BURN: 600 calories
per one-hour session.
GREAT FOR: Your back.

Inversion Sling - Yoga Swing
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The new Bikram
WHAT IT IS: If standing on your head on a mat is hard, try doing it on water. Paddleboard yoga has set sail fromthe States and arrived in the UK. SUP yoga is for all levels, even if you haven’t mastered every pose on dry land. “There’s a calmness to being gently rocked by the water so even though you’re working harder than on a yoga mat you adapt to the board quickly,” says
paddleboard yoga instructor Jana Olenio. Worth checking the shipping forecast first.
30-minute session.
GREAT FOR: Core and thighs.

What is Coconut Oil?

What is Coconut Oil?
Coconut oil is classified as saturated oil but differs from other saturated fats because of its medium-chain fatty acis composition. The medium-chain-fatty acids (MCFA) are easily digested and broken down to create a healthy digestive system, which enhances the absorption of nutrients and minerals like magnesium, calcium and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and amino acids (proteins). Coconut oil is considered a "functional food" which means it acids specific bodily functions beyond its nutritional content. Study shows that it prevents stroke and hardening of arteries, detoxifies the liver, improves thyroid health and strengthens the immune system.

Coconut Oil as a Cellular Food
- Consuming food containing coconut oil can provide your cells with quick, easy nourishment. MCFA can give the cells a much needed energy boost, increase metabolism to help it expel toxins and utilize life-giving oxygen to help it perform at top efficiency.
- A healthy cell means a healthy you.
- Once your cells absorb MCFA to produce the energy needed to power biological function, metabolic activity increase, stimulating healing and repair.

Coconut oil as Anti-microbial
- One characteristic of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is its ability to kill germs and parasites. The MCT are transformed inside our bodies into monoglyceride of lauric acid (monolaurin) and MCFA, both of which possess powerful anti-microbial properties capable of destroying lipid-coated bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
- The lauric acid derivatives is the same lauric acid babies get from mother's milk to keep the infants from getting viral, bacterial or protozoal infections.
- Examples of viruses and bacteria that are inactivated or destroyed are those that cause measles, herpes, HIV, influenza, rubeola, leukemia, streptococcus, listeria and many more.
- Advocates from health sectors call for a study of its potential as a first line of defense against bird flu.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Superior Weapon Against Deadly Cancer"
- It is a sad truth that so many people are afflicted with this fatal disease. Cancer ranks second in the leading cause of death statistics of the United States. It is said that approximately one million people acquire cancer each year.
- But thanks to Virgin Coconut Oil, there is after all a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation.
- Cancer cells keep on growing and dividing and create abnormal cells. Cancer cells may spread and cause problems to other parts of the body. This is triggered by a damage to DNA. Unlike nomal cells, cancer cells cannot repair damaged DNA. Damaged DNA can be acquired through hereditary means or environmental exposure. Most cancers (But not all) are manifested by a tumor.
- The chance of a cancer patient to survive depends largely on how soon the disease was diagnosed and given necessary treatments. Radical change in one's diet and lifestyle is also prescribed.

The Miracle Cure
- Virgin Coconut oil can be uses as a weapon to fight cancer and save precious lives. This statement is proven not only by numerous testimonies of cancer survivors but with the results of medical studies.
- Regular consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil will strengthen the immune system. Only a strong immune system can defeat the formation of cancer cells before they can create major damage. Developing a strong immune system is the first step in prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases.
- Virgin Coconut Oil can also cure skin cancer as proven in a study where coconut oil is applied on the skin of mice which were applied with cancer causing chemicals.
- Several applications of virgin coconut oil stopped tumor development.
- Therefore, virgin coconut oil can alter the composition of tumor tissue and and thus inhibit tumor growth.

The Virgin Coconut Oil of Youth (Fight Aging Effortlessly!)
- Aging is inevitable. Something we all can't escape. But who wants to grow old? Everybody wants to preserve their is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Aging is all in the mind. Virgin coconut oil is here to let you defy the laws of nature and reverse the passing of time.
- The reason why a lot of people dread old age is the fact that it is associated with a lot of unpleasant things like failing health, memory loss and wrinkles.
- For Some, it  can be a very inconvenient and miserable phase.
- To grow old gracefully, start making necessary changes in your lifestyle now!

Why do You Grow Old?
- Free radicals are the culprit! These are highly reactive molecules missing an electron. In an effort to achieve stability, they steal electrons from other molecules causing other molecules to become free radicals.
- It produces a chain reaction that affects thousands of molecules. Free radicals attack the cells and this may lead to cell mutation and death. Some reseachers consider it as the main cause of aging.
- A lot of diseases are also assocoated with free radicals. To prevent aging and sickness, free radicals should not be permitted to enter our body.
- This however is impossible as it is produced as a part of a normal cellular respiration. Pollutants and other environmental toxins also cause free radicals.
Load Your Body with Antioxidants.
- Antioxidant is your body's natural defense against free radicals. It can stop the chain reaction of free radicals. The amount of antioxidants inside your body depends upon the nutrients we consume.
- However, antioxidants can also be applied on skin to prevent sagging and unsightly wrinkles. If you are already experiencing signs of aging on your skin, chances are the same free radical damage is happening inside your body.
- To prevent premature aging, eat foods rich with vitamins C and E and of course use Virgin Coconut Oil regularly. This will slow down the aging process and will keep you looking and feeling young all over.
- Don't let the years shown on your face. Make your retirement years worthwhile and fulfilling. Use virgin coconut oil!

Lose Weight With Virgin Coconut Oil
Losing hope?
- You have probably tried every diet method there is to shed those extra pounds but it seems like all your efforts are in vain.
- And now just when you are ready to give up, you are about to receive an advice that every nutritionist and dietitian have told you to fat! it may sound ridiculous but the result is far from funny when you use virgin coconut oil.
- There are a number of reasons why you should desire the ideal weight. Aside from the wonders it will do to your physical appearance, being overweight increase your risk to develop a host of diseases.
- If your weight exceeds 20% or more of your ideal weight then you are considered obese. Getting rid of this excess weight is the best gift you can give yourself.

What Makes You Fat?
- You've just finished a whole bag of salty potato chips and drank two bottles of soda. You ordered and extra cup of rice to your dinner or roast pork a while ago. You nearly finishes a whole box of donuts and chocolates.
- And while you are reading this, you are eating ice cream and munching peanuts. If you still have the guts to ask the question, then realized that the things just mentioned are the answers.
- Ideally, you should only consume the amount of food your body needs to produce energy. Eating more than what is necessary will make you bigger. All that extra food you just consumed will be converted into fat and directly goes to fat cells. It produces cellulite which you can now feel around your legs, belly and arms.

How Can Coconut Oil Help Lose Weight?
- The diet using Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect diet.
- The only one that will allow you to eat fat!
- The fat of Coconut Oil had fewer calories than other fats and promotes good health.
- Unlike other fats, they are not packed into lipoproteins and circulated in the bloodstream.
- The MCFAs are sent directly to the liver and immediately converted to energy. This digestion process speeds up metabolism and will make you lose weight.
- Substitute other vegetables oil with coconut and include it in your daily food intake.
- MC Gill University researchers (based in Canada) discovered that doing this (consuming virgin coconut oil alone) can make you lose up to 36 pounds per year.
- But of course, it doesn't mean that you can overeat. To maintain that healthy figure, combine the use of coconut oil with a balanced diet.

Prevent Autoimmune Diseases with Virgin Coconut Oil
- Crohn's disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems, and allergies. Wondering what they all have in common?
- All of them can be classified under one general term: autoimmune diseases.
- Virgin Coconut Oil can help treat these sickness.
- A healthy body has a strong immune system that defends the body against the attack of harmful microorganisms. The immune system of a person suffering from an autoimmune behaves differently as instead of killing viruses and bacteria, it inflicts harm upon itself.
- This abnormal action can destroy the body's connective tissues, the one responsible for binding together body tissues and organs. This can creat damage in many parts of the body like nerves, muscles, endocrine, and digestive system.
- More woman develop this sickness especially during their child-bearing years. It can also be acquired through hereditary means.

Types of Autoimmune Diseases
- Underactive Thyroid-Sidns that you are afflicted with this disease will include fatigue, depression, muscle cramps, constipation, being overweight and cold sensitivity.
- Graves disease : If you find it difficult to sleep at night, are always irritable, and you keep on losing weight even if you are not on a diet, chances are you have an overactive thyroid. Sensitivity to heat, muscle weakness, bulging eyes and shaky hands are also symptoms.
- Lupus : This causes damage to organ systems, skin, joints and internal organs. Symptoms will include having rashes on body parts, particularly across the nose and cheeks, swelling joints and sensitivity to sun.
- Multiple Sclerosis : This is associated with a feeling of weakness and trouble in maintaining balance, Tremors, paralysis, speech problems, a numbness and tingling seasation in hands and feet are some of the symptoms.

Improve your Immune System with Virgin Coconut Oil
- Your officemate sneezes and immediately you are down with the flu
- Your allergy to dust, pets and seafoods limits your actions and interfefe with your activities. These are signs that you have a weak immune system.
- Your body doesn't need to suffer from all these hassles.
- The world hasn't changed much. Prevention is still the best cure to stay healthy. But with the pollution getting worse and as the standard of living deteriorates, it seems to be getting more difficult.
- Protect yourself with Virgin Coconut Oil.
A Powerful Shield
- The MCFA's of Virgin Coconut Oil is remarkable for its antimicrobial properties that kill harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
- This was discovered in 1966 by Jon Kabara Ph.D. in his effort to solve food preparation problems.
- When MCFA's are digested, they are broken down into monoglycerides and free fatty acids.
- Coconut oil by itself cannot destroy disease-causing organisms. To activate antimicrobial properties, it needs to be digested first.
- Important medium chain fatty acids present in coconut oil that possess antimicrobial characteristics are Lauric Acid, Capric acid and Caprylic acid.
- Their monoglyceride form, monolaurin, monocaprylin and monocaprin also hinder microbes from terrorizing the immune system.
- Individually, these fatty acids attack microbes differently.
- Some may beeffective at killing a particular organism that cause fungus infections butis less effective in killing other microbes.
- However, their united activity will provide will provide your body with a very powerful shield against diseases.
- Monolaurin (monoglyceride form of lauric acid) is considered to have the best antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effect.
- Human breast milk contains medium chain triglyceride (MCTs) that does not only serve as nourishment for newborn infants; it also protects the child from catching diseases.
- This is said to be similar to those found in coconut oil and has the same antimicrobial properties.
- Say goodbye to sickness and poor health. Strengthen your immune system with Virgin Coconut Oil.

Increase Your Energy, Accomplish More with Virgin Coconut Oil
- So many people suffer from chronic fatigue. The most common remedy is coffee.
- But caffeine consumption is often discouraged as it is addictive and may cause health problems.
- The better alternative is Virgin Coconut Oil.
- It is not enough for one take Virgin Coconut Oil just when one is feeling weary and extra energy is needed.
- Regular intake of Virgin Coconut Oil is required to shift your energy into a higher gear.
- Unlike coffee, it is not addictive and the effect will keep you alert for hours.

How It Works?
- The MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in Virgin Coconut Oil goes directly to thr liver and are immediately converted to energy.
- It also increases metabolism as MCFA's are easily absorbed by energy producing organelles of the cells.
- MCFA in your foods can be likened to putting a quality fuel in your car.
- If you desire greater energy, include Virgin Coconut Oil in your daily diet. A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in your tea or as added flavor to your favorite dish will do trick.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Hope for Aids Patients"
- Human immuno-deficienct virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS. It attacks the immune system so a person with HIV becomes susceptible to almost all kinds of infections.
- A person can be infected with the HIV virus for years before it develops into full blown AIDS.
- Once diagnosed with AIDS, a person is expected to live only for 3 years.
- This virus is usually transferred through sexual intercouse, sharing of needles, or any other blood exchange.
- A MOTHER WITH hiv can also transmit the virus to her unborn child.

The Search for Cure
- It was in the 1980's when the ability of medium chain fatty acids like capric and lauric to fight HIV was first discovered.
- Antiviral drugs that are currently being prescribed fail to save lives and restore the health of Aids victim.
- Aside from the fact that the virus can develop resistance to these drugs, it also has lots of adverse side effects.
- Medium chain fatty acids is said to be a more effective cure as it attacks the virus in a different way than other drugs.
- Instead of targeting the genetic material of the virus, MCFA's simply breaks the virus apart. The absorption of MCFAs by the virus weakens the lipid membrane of the virus and will eventually kill the virus.
- This mechanism of action makes it almost impossible for the virus to develop resistant strain to MCFAs.
- Dr. Conrado Dayrit, a medical doctor from the philippines did the first study on coconut oil for treating AIDS patients.
- His study tested the effect of monolaurin and coconut oil in 14 HIV patients, ages ranging from 22-38
- Four grams of monolaurin a day was given to four patients while five of them received 7.2 grams of monolaurin.
- The last group was given 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day.
- At the end of the study (six months) the viral count of nine patients decreased.
- Two of them were from the first group, four from the second, and three from the third group.
- Eleven of them showed health improvements.
- This research proves that monolaurin and coconut oil can be used to treat Aids patients.


It may seem like a specialist skill, but making your own sushi is not as hard as you think

STEP 1: Cook your rice or quinoa. Lay a nori (seaweed) sheet on top of a bamboo mat and spread the rice on top.
STEP 2: Place all the ingredients lengthwise on the rice. Roll up themat, pressing forward to shape the sushi into a cylinder.
STEP 3: Remove the mat from the sushi. Wipe a knife with a wet cloth before slicing the sushi into bite-size pieces. Ta da!

1. Crab free salmon and ginger maki

Makes 6 pieces | Cals 55 |Ready in 10 minutes
100g apple, peeled and chopped
10g ginger
90g mango, peeled and chopped
10ml rice vinegar
1 piece rice paper
80g rocket
40g tofu
70g salmon
coriander leaves

Dig out your food processor and blend the apple, ginger, 40g of the mango and vinegar to make a dressing, then strain. Next,wet the rice paper and add the rocket, the rest of the mango, tofu and salmon. Roll it up and cut into pieces. Serve with the dressing and coriander. Eastern promise: All that rice can be bloating, so combat it with anti-inflammatory ginger, which is nature’s flat-belly antacid. Eat up!


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 92 |Ready in 20 minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
1 piece seaweed
5g shichimi togarashi
50g melon
50g pineapple
20g cucumber
10g radish
5g wasabi

Here’s howto make the sushi rice:warm the vinegar, dissolve in the sugar and salt, mix in the rice and cool. Meanwhile, sprinkle the seaweed with shichimi togarashi (a spice mix), add rice, melon, pineapple, cucumber and radish.Roll up, cut up, and dish up withwasabi. Eastern promise: Pineapple is full of essential nutrients, enhancing the body’s immunity. Sayonara, cold and flu season!


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 79 |Ready in 20 minutes
80g quinoa
1 lettuce leaf
50g mango
30g avocado
30g cucumber
35g strawberries
60g passion fruit
30g asparagus
50g tofu coriander
5g wasabi
10g pickled ginger

Boil the quinoa in 110gwater for 10 minutes, cool, then spread on the lettuce leaf, roll it up and cut into six pieces. Use the fruits, vegetables, tofu and coriander to uniquely garnish each piece. Serve withwasabi and pickled ginger. Veggie lovers, rejoice! Eastern promise: Tofu is made fromsoy beans, which help to lower blood pressure by reducing cholesterol in the blood. Stress relief in a bean.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 91 |Ready in 15 minutes
80g quinoa
60g red quinoa
1 piece seaweed
70g tuna
70g watermelon
15g basil
20ml light soy sauce
5g wasabi

Quinoa at the ready? Boil both types in water in a pan for 10 minutes. Leave covered and allowto cool. Lay out the seaweed and spread the cooled quinoa in the middle. Thinly slice the tuna, then place it over the quinoa with thewatermelon and basil. Now, roll it up. Garnish with soy sauce andwasabi. Eastern promise: Seaweed is high in selenium and iodine, which support cognitive function
and memory. Go ahead, eat yourself clever.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 80 |Ready in 15 minutes
80g quinoa
1 piece seaweed
10g caviar
80g yellowtail
5g chives, chopped
60g orange segments
20g coconut flakes
20g lemongrass
lime juice
5g wasabi

You knowthe drill. Boil the quinoa for 10 minutes, cool and spread it over the seaweed. Flip the seaweed and cover it with caviar. Add yellowtail, chives, orange, coconut and chopped lemongrass. Cut into pieces and garnish with lime juice andwasabi. Eastern promise: Lemongrass has a mix of anti-ageing essential oils that aid cell rejuvenation. Turn back the hands of time.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 131 |Ready in 20minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
4 pieces seaweed
80g cucumber
70g salmon
100g tuna
20g chives
5g wasabi

You’re an expert by now, so prepare the sushi rice as before. Next, spread the cooled rice on to one sheet of the seaweed, add the chopped cucumber and roll it up. Repeat for the salmon and tuna sushi. Use chives andwasabi to garnish if desired. Eastern promise: Tuna and salmon are filled with omega-3, great for building lean muscle. The perfect post-gym snack.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 52 |Ready in 20minutes*
80g quinoa
200g cucumber
70g red onion
30ml beetroot juice
15ml rice vinegar
25g coriander

Boil the quinoa for 10minutes then allow to cool. Cut the cucumber into 14cm pieces, then peel off the exterior, creating a long ‘leaf’. Slice the onion, toss with the beetroot juice and vinegar and refrigerate for four hours. Fill the leaf with quinoa, coriander and the pickled onion. Roll it, secure with skewers, then cut it up. Voila! Eastern promise: Beetroot has detoxifying properties, helping improve the liver’s function and eliminate nasties. Better have two then.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 115 |Ready in 2? hours
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
350g Granny Smith apples
20ml honey
1 piece seaweed
80g salmon
60g asparagus
30g tofu

Make the sushi rice as before. Heat 20ml water with 100g of the apples (peeled and chopped) and 5g of the honey to make a sauce. Cover thinly sliced apples with the remaining honey and cook for two hours at 80?C. Spread the rice on the seaweed and flip it over.Add the salmon, asparagus, tofu and baked apples. Roll it up, cut into pieces, serve with apple slices and apple sauce.
Eastern promise: Rich in potassium and vitamin A, asparagus aidsweight loss by detoxifying and cleansing the kidneys. Slimming spears.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 152 |Ready in 25minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
5g rosemary
25ml honey
10g dijon mustard
70g scallops
25g prunes
10g caviar
1 piece seaweed
10g black sesame seeds
15g spinach
15g raisins
5g wasabi

Prepare the rice, then chop the rosemary and mix with the honey and mustard.Chop the scallops and prunes, add the caviar and refrigerate. Spread the rice on the seaweed and sprinkle with seeds. Flip andaddthe scallop mix, chopped spinach and raisins. Roll, cut into pieces, serve withwasabi and the honey. Eastern promise: Prunes protect against loss of bone density, while studies showthey can also help to stave off osteoporosis. Bone-us.


Makes 6 pieces | Cals 115 |Ready in 20 minutes
40ml rice vinegar
20g sugar
10g salt
100g cooked sushi rice
20ml mirin
60g mixed berries
50g crab meat
40g strawberries
10g spring onion
15g sesame seeds
5g wasabi

One last time,we promise: prepare the rice as before, thenwarm 110mlwater, 20ml rice vinegar and the mirin. Cool, add the berries and blend. Chop the crab meat, strawberries and onion into pieces. Cover the seaweed with rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Flip it over, add the chopped ingredients and roll. Garnish withwasabi. Eastern promise: Strawberries help to slow carbohydrate absorption, helping to stave off pesky hunger pangs.Happy days

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Go 7 Nuts And How...



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Dry-roasted peanuts actually contain 22 per cent more bug-beating antioxidants than raw ones. Peanuts are rich in folate—a mineral that protects your brain against cognitive decline. One gm of peanuts (about 28 unshelled nuts) contains about 170 calories, 7gm protein and 14gm fat.


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These underrated cardio champions are a rare source of omega-7, which cuts ‘bad’, heart-harming LDL cholesterol levels by 9 per cent. A study conducted by Australian scientists found that when men replaced 15 per cent of their daily calorie intake with macadamia nuts— 12 to 16 nuts a day—their HDL levels went up by 8 per cent.


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With testosterone-boosting zinc, and magnesium for strong muscle contraction, these are like ZMA capsules—but tasty. French researchers recently concluded that men with the highest levels of
magnesium in their blood have a 40 per cent lower risk of early death. But eat them with the shells as the outer coating provides extra fibre.


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The best closing-time bar snack going: a few handfuls a day improve genital blood fl ow, say Turkish scientists. pistachiorich diet stand to improve their sexual function according to a study recently
published in the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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US research saw almond-munchers shed 64 per cent more fat than nutdodging dieters with an identical calorie intake. This energy-rich snack lowers bad cholesterol, thanks to plant sterols, and benefi t diabetics by lowering blood sugar. It’s also rich in amino acids, which spur testosterone levels and muscle growth.


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Just one provides your entire RDA of selenium, low levels of which have been linked to depression. These nuts are a top source of selenium, a vitamin that helps keep sperm cells healthy while also helping the little buggers swim faster. When researchers in UK had men with fertility problems increase their selenium intake, the men produced hardier, more viable sperm cells.


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These are rich in DOMS-fi ghting omega-3, with bone-building minerals, too. Packed with calcium, iron, and magnesium, they're also high in fi bre, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Chia seeds seem to have cardio-protective properties and can assist in stabilising your blood sugar.

Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis Question

Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis Question
Q:  Today we will discuss about glucosamine and osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is the treatment for Osteoarthritis and its known to be very useful. Our first question is about glucosamaine is that a medication or a supplement?

A:  We may classify them into 2 types for the chemical agent with good mechanism of action, has a good standard and has a correct amount that we will classify it as a medication drug because this agent can harm the cells in our body but if it's not prepared using the correct method with uncertain amount mostly we classify this as a supplement, so glucosamine has 2 groups, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride, hydrochloride is a supplement but for the crystalline glucosamine sulphate we classify them as drugs.

Q:  For the supplements so we have to ask first because the audiences will think that if they will buy this supplement it can be a substitute the same there is a study of fundamental science to the patient that has no effect since the essential radical in our cartilage is sulphate that will connect with essential molecules inside the cartilage sulphate process is so difficult it needs a lt of energy therefore according to the research it must be glucosamine sulphate only and our orthopedics medical society conducted a research and their conclusion is that the patient with osteoarthritis most especially the elderly, must use anti-inflammatory drugs continuously more than 3 months and could not inhibit the symptom and if the patient has no plan to undergo a surgery this is one of the indicators of using these drugs when they use glucosamine sulphate for 3 months they should stop if the symptoms has been gradually disappear if the patient get well they can stop using medication and no need to use glucosamine in the further but if the symptoms will relapse, it is advisable to use the drug again for 3 months and do the estimateion again, so if we follow the research of the Royal college of physician that may nit the most of consumption.

Q:  And when we talk about glucosamine drugs right now are there any main druds for treatment of osteoarthritis?

A:  t's the supplement drug so, that's the degeneration delaying drug and the treatment of osteoarthritis must be included with a lot of thing, the patient need to understand that how about their lifestyles, they need to limit all of the factors that can trigger the inflammation such as the over weight, incorrect using and lifestyle modification because the drug is a one method treatment  only and you don't have to use them forever.

Q:  Yes, at last would you please advice the audiences in their homes, to those who take this medications and to those who are not glucosamine in fact that is so necessary and hw about its indicator?

A:  So, this drug is not same as elixir that everybody can take, we can only use this in some group of patients and use it carefully that will give us the best advantage this drug maybe one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis but better prevention and avoiding of risk factors is also necessary.

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Cinnamon Benefits For Fast Weight Loss

Cinnamon in tea helps reduce the fast in your intestine after eating. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily can lower your cholesterol. It may also lower LDL "bad cholesterol, triglycerides (which are fatty acids in the blood) and total cholestoral. Treats type 2 diabattes by reducing blood sugar levels. As little as 1/2 teaspoon per day of cinnamon can improve sensitivity and blood glucose. In weight control it can improve insulin resistance. Also decrease the risk of heart disease. Reduces arthritis pain, it contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce pain, inflammation and stiff joints. Cinnamon is helpful in removing gas from the stomach and intestines. It also removes acidity and referred to as a digestive tonic!

A compound found in cinnamon prevents unwanted clumping of blood platelets. If platelets clump together they can slow the blood flow. It helps by removing nervous tension and memory loss. Cinnamon raises the activity of the brain acting as a good brain tonic. Increases one's alertness and concentration. Wen added to food, it prevents bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative. Reduces Urinary tract infections. Is a diuretic and helps in secretion and discharge of uine and fats in the blood. You lose the weightt through your urine. It is a blood thinning agent which acts to increase circulation. It helps reduce pain. Ensures oxygen supply to the body cells leading to higher metabolic activity. Meaning it helps in weight loss!

Sprinkle cinnamon on your oatmeal, in your tea after dinner it will do wonders for your digestive track and immune system. It also has anti-aging properties. It can be used to improve one's health and boost one's immune system. We at the Saturday Morning Diet use it in our oatmeal for breakfast and after meals to reduce the fat in our diet and lose the weight.

A word of caution taking too much cinnamon may be unwise. People taking prescribed drugs to manage their blood sugar should not reduce or discontinue their dose and take cinnamon instead. Lastly, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

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Promotes sugar and fat metabolism
Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
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Amla Vitamin C Supplements

Amla Vitamin C Supplements
Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry. It has one of the richest concentrations of natural vitamin C of any edible plants on this planet.
Amla has been used as powerful antioxidant agent that also boosts immunity. Amla restores the vitality and rejuvenated all bodily systems. It is the best ever herb for day-to-day use.

Amla Contents
Amla is highly nutritious and is an important dietary source of Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. The edible fruit tissue contains protein concentration 3-fold and as orbit acid concentration 160-fold compared to that of the apple. The fruit also contains considerably higher concentration of most minerals and amino acids than apples.

Amla fruit ash contains chromium, 2.5;zinc, 4; and copper, 3 ppm. Presence of chromium is of therapeutic value in diabetes. Fruit also contains phyllemblin and curcuminoides. The fruit contained 482.14 unit of superoxide dismutase/g fresh weight, and exhibited anti senescent activity.

Overall benefits of Amla in the body
1. Enhances food absorption
2. Enhances fertility and memory
3. One of the best herbs for diabetes
4. Powerful skin and hair rejuvenator
5. Eye and liver toner
6. Restores stomach and intestinal digestive enzymes

Respiratory Disorders
This medicinal tonic is highly beneficial in the treatment of respiratory disorders. It is especially valuable in seasonal cough and cold. Amla is also useful in recurrent respiratory infections such as tonsillitis, sinusitis and sore throat.

Amla with its high vitamin C content, is considered valuable in diabetes. Amla supplement along with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice, taken daily for two months will stimulate the islets of Lengerhand i.e. - the isolated group of cells that secret the hormone insulin. It therefore reduces the blood sugar in diabetic patient.

Heart Disease
Amla is considered as very effective remedy for heart diseases. It tones up the heart muscles and make them strong. The heart then pumps the blood flawless throughout the body.

Clinical Studies
Amla (Embilica officinalis)  was tested on diabetes induced Wistar-NIN rats by STZ. The results provided an evidence that Emblica and an enriched fraction of Emblica tan noida are very beneficial in delaying development of diabetic cataract in rats.

Amla (Emblica officinalis) is widely used in Indian medicine as a remedy for many diseases. It was investigated that effects of amla on the lipid metabolism and protein expression involved in oxidative stress during the aging process and the results were favorable it can be therefore said that the Amla can prevent age-related hyperlipidaemia through attenuating oxidative stress in the aging process.

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