Nuclear Submarines Ohio class US Navy

Nuclear Submarines Ohio class US Navy
"We shall reshoe swords to plows". It is a slogan of hopeless romantics. Today, the American MIC have another, more practical mission. It is necessary to rearm some of "Ohio" class submarines. Instead of "big cudgels", the Tridents, some of "Ohios" will be equipped with an entire pack of "Tomahawk" missiles. According to START II, the USA must remove nuclear weapon from 4 of 18 "Ohio" class submarines. Without their "main caliber" they are transformed into big submarine boats with nuclear engine. However, leaving quite modern and very expensive submarines without job and of course sending them for scarp is not wise. And then suddenly fasionable views on future of the American Navy power have appeared. An excusable theory was found for forced practice. The American Fleet in modern appearance is practically the same as in years of Cold War. By types and by quantity of military ships it suits first of all for huge oceanic battles. But the possibility of collision of gigantic sea armadas itself became clearly metaphysical in ourdays.

The main mission of American military forces is an insurance of new World order. Inmultiple regional wars, the Navy must act in coastal waters and fire on shore. According to military experts'opinion nuclear submarines can be quite prepared for taking part in conflicts in any region of the planet. Region of continental shelf and tiny coastal seas must become a stage of their new theater. It is considered that huge oceanic bomb-carries have the abilities to learn new and different kind of roles. Propositions arrive to transform the yesterday strategist into an effective tactician, carrier of cruise missiles and mine layer at the same time.

"Ohio" are huge and powerful boats and can carry wide arsenal. The storage of "Tomahawls" along will exceed 130 pieces. "Ohio" potential is fully compatable with new littoral strategy. It symbol of faith is a strike with smart weapons against enermy's military and economical objects and the most inportant elements of infrastructure of the state administration. Cruise missiles are a perfect weapon for that. American analysts are sure that no country in the World can block a massive strike with "Tomahawks". Especially, taking in mind, that in near future the appearance of next generation of these missiles is expected. Their range will be increased by 2 and flight speed by 5 times.

"Tomahawks" of the 21st century will be supersonic and except that, when necessary, their electronic brains can be reprogrammed and aimed on other target in flight. Members of "Ohio" clan, which saved their nuclear sword, will do a work of a "big cudgels" just as before. Specifically in this role the boats exist already for a quarter of century. The first submarine of this class, the "Ohio" herself, came into service already in November of 1981. The 18th, and the last, the "Louisiana" - in Autumn of 1997. The first 8 boats of "Ohio" class were equipped with missiles "Trident I". Their range of fire was 7.5 thousands kilometers. The following boats were equipped with new missiles "Trident II" with increased range till 10,000 kilometers. Today almost all boats are rearmed with these missiles. In such way, only one single boat controls a huge area - a circle with a diemeter about 20,000 kilometers. It is a half of the Earth's equater length.

"Ohio" doesn't need to crawl closer. In most of case, the range of missiles flight will allow to boats to launch missiles even without leaving their bases. According to experts' opinion, only the oldest boats of this class will remain without "Tridents". "Ohio" herself, "Michigan", "Florida" and "Georgia". However. "Trident" missiles comprise 65% of nuclear missile potential America. If 4 submarines will become multirole ones after all, more than a half of nuclear power of the USA will remain on the float, in depths of World's oceans.

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