Hand to hand combat...Jdging by action movies it consists of loud sdreams sonorous strikes and improbable somersaults and saltos. Heroes of those movies beat up a crowd of armed enemies by themselves. However in reality everything is different. Real-life hand to hand combat is a minimum of show off and maximum effciency.

Man was fighting from a start of time. For himself, for his cause, for his honor. The best way for someone to fight is following a fighting system. Art of hand to hand combat is the most ancient from all military sciences. Everyone who just one have been punched in the nose in school fight have dreamed to visit SAMBO or karate school, and just after couple of lessons to punish his offenders effectively and efficiently...or to protect a girl from other class and it would be better if there were many hooligans.

Spetsnaz hand to hand combat is a discipline far away from fantassies. Not every theorist or a dreamer can become real fighter. Zaichikov Igor Vasievich: Instructor-professor of RGUFK (Russian State University of Athletic Culture), instructor of applied hand to hand combat "The applied hand to hand combat is designed for the fastest possible traumatization of an opponent. Traumatization depends on combat mission. It is followed either by opponent's destruction, either by his capture for further interrogation." Applied fight is used by officers of special forces and has almost nothing in common with an army hand to hand fight. The first one is a lethal weapon, the second one is a sport. Army hand to hand combat is an athletic discipline which combines strikes with hands legs and elements of wrestling.

From a sport by default are excluded dangerous for health and of course for life methods. Both as technical, as tactical ones. It is impossible to conduct competitions following a real combat system. That's why we use a term "applied hand to hand combat". Applied means that it used exclusively in real action. The known proverb "after fight don't wave the fists" is not applicable to professionals. Professional fighter won't "wave fists" even during the most tense fight. In real fight every movement must be economical and maximum efficient and many times deceptive. "Designate strike from above, while it comes from the under. You can help yourself with other hand. And it is not necessary to lean. More you lean, more difficult is to control the situation. Here it goes. The second hit starts with the same way, but goes here. If you move to this side, then hit goes in the stomach,  and if you move here, then it goes to the kidney." Enermy's moves are unpredictable. For this reason every fighter develops in himself that unique sense, which allows him not just to participate in the fight, but to lead it and to win it. Here knowledge of psychology is the same important with combat technique. So, inportant component of applied combat as a pre fight situation is absent from a sport. To evaluate the opponent, his physical abilities, his phychological abilities, to decrypt fully his intentions. It must be part of applied technique but it is not in a sport".

To be in prepared condition for a fight continuously, each second to evaluate the situation and to calculate the most favorable and expedient actions is a combination of several factors. The first one is a muscular memory. When a man acts with his arms and legs without thinking about it...at level of reflexes. The second one but not less important is an indirect concentration. It means that when you think about something else, a part of your brain evaluates the situation subliminally. "Do you always control traffic when you sit in a car? Right? When you walk, do you step in a puddle? You jump over rocks, don't you? This way acts a man who passed special training. This is not an effort.. I would say that this is a specific way of wotld's perception." 

On the screen movie heroes throw their enemies to the right and to the left with an enviable ease, causing admiration of millions all over the world. During demonstrations soldiers execute arrar of exercises impressing spectators with accuracy of movements. "Unfortunately in real life things don't seem so beautiful like on the screen, because as a rule show teams work their. When a professional watch what they show, then it becomes obvious to him that this is a show with a goal to achieve an external impression. As a rule soldiers are trained by athletes. And this is probably right, because a soldier must be fit. Sport doesn't give a perfect preparation of real conbat situations... I underline the world "perfect"...however it gives a quite serious preparation."

App;ied technique of Spetsnaz is a method of surviving via destruction of the enemy. And as faster and efficiently you do this, so more chances you personally get to stay alive. Lethal weapon must be trusted only to a grown-up man. Real professional must always understan in full degree consequences of his actions. That's why only very few are trained in real hand to hand combat. "If it is a everday life conflict, then the real professional will first of all try to eradicate the conflict's escalation and to avoid a fight. Professional... how can we put it..a professional is not a bully. He hasn't what we call "itchy fists". If he attachs, then he will do it only in case when he understands that the very next moment he will be attacked. Only men who are already socially and psychologically stable in life, preferably grown ups, must be equipped with such technique. They  leaded to conclusion that regular soldiers, who in many field are yet children of course, training of such dangerous techniques is not expedient."  The result of hand to hand combat first of all depends on ability of figter to control himself. Person who psychologically is not ready to "lead" a fight, can only to hurt himself. Hand to hand combat is not test of your strengths, neither it is a mean of self-realization. It is an invisible weapon, which you always carry with you.