How to Recognize the Causes of ADHD

The prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has increased substantially in the United States during the past 20 years. Doctors are still unsure of the reasons behind this increase, but if you know what to look for, you can still recognize the causes of ADHD in your life.

1. Start keeping a diary about your ADHD symptoms. Make short, daily entries about how your condition changes. One day you might feel fine but the next day you might not be able to focus.

2. Keep track of what you're eating in your diary. You don't need to note the exact meal you're eating, you only need to watch out for foods with artificial colorings, flavors, mineral salts and thickeners. On a more general level, you could just note foods that have preservatives or additives.

3. Examine your diary at the end of the week. Look for a pattern between heavily processed foods and ADHD symptoms. Studies suggest that nearly 50 percent of all ADHD patients are sensitive to processed food.

4. Cut heavily processed foods out of your diet if you recognize them as one of causes of your ADHD.

5. Consider keeping track of your mental health in your diary. ADHD has been linked to depression in some people. Notice if your ADHD symptoms worsen when you get upset or depressed.

6. Check your blood pressure regularly. You don't need to see a doctor to have your blood pressure checked, as the monitors that you see in places like hair salons are very accurate. In some patients, high blood pressure will increase the symptoms of ADHD. High blood pressure is any reading greater than 140 over 90.

7. Make a note if your ADHD symptoms change as a result of allergies. Any allergy, whether it's seasonal, from a food or from a material, could impact your condition. Take to your doctor about allergy medications, which might help both your allergies and your ADHD.

Overall Tips & Warnings
 ❆  It's likely that you won't be able to recognize the cause of your ADHD until you know you have it. Once you begin treatment for ADHD, you can monitor how your condition ebbs and flows.
 ❆  Don't get upset if you can't recognize the cause of your ADHD. Some doctors believe the condition is buried deep in a person's genetic code.
 ❆  If you notice that your ADHD symptoms worsen as a result of a food that you eat, do not increase the dosage of your medication unless directed by your doctor.


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