Death of the universe?(5)

Death of the universe?(5)
What would atoms ripping apart look like? Things like coffee cups are solid, Atom join together to create somthing that will hold a cappucino without leaking a single drop. Zoom in through the cup like sailing through the cosmo, pass the molecules, and into the stoms. The solid cup is nothing more than a fabric of atomic particles that formed a bond to become matter. If these particles were to move apart, the bond that hold this cup together stop working. The atoms no longer support molecules.The connection between the miniscule particles dissolve.Matter in the form of this cup seizes to exist.It disintegrates.Gone from the existence.This is the dramatic end that Robert Caldwell foresees for the universe.

What you would see if you were standing on Earth or standing on some other planet that happened to still be around at that time, you would see something that looks like a wall of darkness approaching you.And as the wall of darkness approaches stars would go out, galaxies would go out, and then eventually that wall of darkness would surround the planet.And then pretty soon atoms themselves are torn apart and that's it.Just the wall of darkness shrinks down to a point and that's the end of the universe.

According to Robert Caldwell, that moment is still billions of years off.Leaving plenty of time to refine their research.In the way, this is like a detective story.We're trying to figure out what is the culprit or who is the culprit responsible for the cosmic acceleration.We think we know its name.We call it dark energy, but we don't know the modus operandi.We don't know exactly how it works.And what's needed is more information.More information about the physics behind the dark energy.We want to know exactly what it does and exactly what it's made out of.And in answering those questions we'll be able to figure out exactly what is the fate of the universe.

The Big Rip is one theory.Cruising just above Earth's atmosphere and peering deep into space, the Hubble Telescope provides scientists with clues to a less violent, but equally unavoidable, end of the universe.Scientists now say the universe is expanding.And that depending on how fast it is accelerating, it might end in a big rip where everything tears apart.It's also possible that it will continue to expand, but at a slower rate.The universe wouldn't rip apart, but would become dark, cold, and lifeless.

If dark energy turns out to be constant , a constant property of space and continues at the same rate that it is now, the universe will keep expanding forever and it will be a very sad state.In the end it just chills out.Everything cools down.

Evidence for the Big Chill and all of the theories for the end of the universe in part come from the Hubble Space Telescope.It has been orbiting Earth since 1990 and have an unobstructed view of the cosmos.The extraordinary images it beams back to Earth are amazing in their clarity and detail.And because of Hubble, scientists can make better predictions about how the universe will end.

So here is an example of a very deep field that was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope which literally you point the space telescope at a single region in space.And if you looked at this from a typical ground based image before Hubble was launched, first of all it's a, literally a, almost size of a postage stamp.And so suddenly the first Hubble deep field that was ever taken had four thousand galaxies that looked just like the galaxies here that were never visivle before from the ground.Tremendous power each of these smudges in their own right in another galaxy.Each one of these galaxies contains about a hundred billion stars.

Astronomers eagerly await all images from Hubble.Each bringing them closer to solving the mystery about the fate of the universe.Through image processing with computers and differencing frames on, taken on different nights, we can take out the other galaxies in the image and we're left with just the blob.Look like nothing to you but that's supernova.And this is an object that could never have been discovered before Hubble Space Telescope was launched.

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