Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis Question

Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis Question
Q:  Today we will discuss about glucosamine and osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is the treatment for Osteoarthritis and its known to be very useful. Our first question is about glucosamaine is that a medication or a supplement?

A:  We may classify them into 2 types for the chemical agent with good mechanism of action, has a good standard and has a correct amount that we will classify it as a medication drug because this agent can harm the cells in our body but if it's not prepared using the correct method with uncertain amount mostly we classify this as a supplement, so glucosamine has 2 groups, glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride, hydrochloride is a supplement but for the crystalline glucosamine sulphate we classify them as drugs.

Q:  For the supplements so we have to ask first because the audiences will think that if they will buy this supplement it can be a substitute the same there is a study of fundamental science to the patient that has no effect since the essential radical in our cartilage is sulphate that will connect with essential molecules inside the cartilage sulphate process is so difficult it needs a lt of energy therefore according to the research it must be glucosamine sulphate only and our orthopedics medical society conducted a research and their conclusion is that the patient with osteoarthritis most especially the elderly, must use anti-inflammatory drugs continuously more than 3 months and could not inhibit the symptom and if the patient has no plan to undergo a surgery this is one of the indicators of using these drugs when they use glucosamine sulphate for 3 months they should stop if the symptoms has been gradually disappear if the patient get well they can stop using medication and no need to use glucosamine in the further but if the symptoms will relapse, it is advisable to use the drug again for 3 months and do the estimateion again, so if we follow the research of the Royal college of physician that may nit the most of consumption.

Q:  And when we talk about glucosamine drugs right now are there any main druds for treatment of osteoarthritis?

A:  t's the supplement drug so, that's the degeneration delaying drug and the treatment of osteoarthritis must be included with a lot of thing, the patient need to understand that how about their lifestyles, they need to limit all of the factors that can trigger the inflammation such as the over weight, incorrect using and lifestyle modification because the drug is a one method treatment  only and you don't have to use them forever.

Q:  Yes, at last would you please advice the audiences in their homes, to those who take this medications and to those who are not glucosamine in fact that is so necessary and hw about its indicator?

A:  So, this drug is not same as elixir that everybody can take, we can only use this in some group of patients and use it carefully that will give us the best advantage this drug maybe one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis but better prevention and avoiding of risk factors is also necessary.

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